Change is the only constant

While we say, “Change is the only constant” there are some things that do not change.It is strongly recommended to change with time, however certain things will always remain unchanged. Very often we have heard our older generation say one should wake up early and go to sleep on time, eat freshly cooked food, respect natural world around us and so on. One must realise the importance of sun rays entering the room early morning, it kills the germs and negative energies. Freshly cooked food enriches the body,mind and soul and remits the positive vibes in us.

The world is moving at a fast pace, with each one of us rushing into a mad race. No one has time to do what our oldies have been saying. We get up late, eat stored/canned food, sleep late and spend most of our time in closed air conditioned rooms, with no access to natural light. Do you really need to think about it?? Well, the answer is yes!!

If we don’t focus now, soon we will be in a hostile and suffocating world. The newly crafted and fancy fitness goals of burning calories at gym was never a part of the past routine. It all started by diverting from the right routine. It definitely impacts our thoughts and mental health! Lets get the right food and sleep for thought!

Stay focused….!! Eat right, sleep tight and stay fit and long! Change for a better change and become the change.



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14 thoughts on “Change is the only constant

  1. Surely for as said….If their is any constant, undoubtedly, thats CHANGE.
    Darwin’s Theory goes without saying “Survival of the Fittest”

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  2. Now a days everybody talking about Green, Green, Green. Is it colour only ?
    There are so many buildings coming up with Green rating having natural light & natural ventilation after investing of huge money which already peovided by god free of cost but as usual for us, no cost of free.
    Urgency, deadlines and “clock time,” as measured by hours, minutes and seconds, melt away. Clocks teach us to abandon the natural rhythms of our bodies and the Earth and conform to a schedule rooted in our economic system. That creates a lot of stress.
    Our culture propagates the harmful myth that we should strive to be as comfortable as possible, to make life as pleasurable possible, and to resist hardship as much as possible. No myth has made us unhappier as a people. We simply can’t be pleasured or comfortable all the time. We can’t control everything. Trying to achieve permanent comfort and control leads to a dull, meaningless life that kills the soul.
    Touching the same subject with different manner.

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