While we say that everything is temporary, there is a ray of hope in us which keeps us guided always. Hope is the only thing that travels round the world. No matter how things are placed in one’s life, one should /must be hopeful always. A strong supernatural power which is commonly known as GOD has empowered each individual with a never-ending hope!!

There is no discrimination on basis of caste, creed, age, sex, religion or status. Each of us have 24 hours of hope to make things happen for ourselves! Hoping to be successful in life, en-fueled with hard work and determination make success stories. However just hoping without working towards it takes you nowhere.

One has to have his own plans to achieve success in life!

As a child, one hopes to become a responsible adult with life full of GOOD LIFE. This is again empowered by a strong sense of hope in us.  One that knocks life back after numerous failures are among the most optimistic people!! They are the ones who have defined and strengthened this magical word HOPE.

The word itself is so positive that whenever someone is distressingly relating his/her pitiable story, ends on a note saying, “Lets hope things change”.

So lets realize – Big or small, rich or poor, Happy or sad, everyone is HOPEFUL in life.

Magic spreads when it is said,”Fingers crossed, hope it happens….”.


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11 thoughts on “HOPE

  1. If you do well. Someone is listening your voice i.e. Your karma. If you wish and try try try….
    You definitely get it. It’s only your capabilities, attitude, behavior, commitment, passion towards goal.
    This is your HOPE
    H: Humble/ Honest with your work
    O: Optimistic
    P: passion
    E: endless Effort


  2. But the most important virtue of hope which converts same to success is ‘paying efforts’ , ‘forgiving & forgeting failures’ and most important possesing ‘Attitude’.
    Thats what i see in u….Keep on, Hope things turns well and you emerge out again with flying colours.

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