Book “Your Appointment for Yourself”

The seconds’ hand on the clock passes with each one of us running…. Running in a funny race which has no end. Surprising none of us don’t even realize it. As a child, we aspire to become big and successful. With success, it only means lots of money and materialistic comforts….  Of course, it money matters… But what next??

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We run all our life to earn so much money that we forget to enjoy the small things that give meaning to our life. Today’s generation plans everything, from what subject to study,which college to attend, when to own a house and car, career designation achievement, marriage plans to arrivals of kids and kids’ future plan. “A very sad fact is one forgets to live his own life in the whole plan….” Let me throw a question today – What is the next milestone once a big fat house with an imported car, heavy bank balance and all luxurious things as per the plan is accomplished what next ????  Well I am sure there are no thoughts around it.Let me be honest, I am also a part of this mad race, living a robotic life with routine to complete. There is no purpose of my life other than the responsibilities laid by the society take care of the family, kids, cook food, earn a good living and sacrifice…sacrifice…sacrifice!! Still not sure if it makes me happy!

Everything fades when One day YUMRAJ quietly knocks to show the red flag written STOP…. Until this stage arrives no one stops to run the race…the mad race. Then one feels helpless with nothing to take away with them nor anything to hold oneself’s name in this world.

Life is short, make it sweet! Live life KING SIZE! Live every moment and make it worth! Don’t waste a Prestigious Boon called LIFE bestowed by god to You, You might not ever get a chance to rock again. Make the most of it. Do what makes You happy, Block your calendar for Yourself… Meet Yourself, talk to Yourself, make Yourself happy! Because You are important….!


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10 thoughts on “Book “Your Appointment for Yourself”

  1. Correctly said
    That makes me to remember the famous dialogue
    Babu mosai zindagi badi hone chaiye Lambi nahi


  2. Great…u got the time to write this… U must feel happy for this…keep spreading happiness… 3 cheers to Happy life 😊


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