Success Redefined


What is Success for “U”

I am sure each one of us feel differently about it. To some it means a word that portrays a nice, comfortable, rich and financially contented state. Some feel being successful is to be happy,contented and satisfied.

Hard work is the catalyst that fuels achievement. Each day’s accomplishment of a milestone ensures success in ones long term goal.

Being successful is vital, it gives meaning to life. However it is an ongoing process, once achieved should be sustained! Perseverance,dedication and strong will power are the contributors towards success.

A good job with a self owned house, luxurious car and heavy bank balance are some of the general indications to certify anyone success. A smile on your family member’s face gives you the feeling of being successful,is it? And does it mean a person without these is unsuccessful??

At times it is measured by the status of the person and not by the state of person, what do you feel?? 

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