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Seems so simple…we all talk everyday, day in and day out, all the time,on the phone, face to face, on messaging apps and all possible digital communication platforms. But my question is,”Do we really Talk “. Answer could vary for each one of us. Come forward and shout it out, be yourself and TALK it out.

Though there are so many modes of communication nowadays,thanks to technology but it has failed to kill the communication gap. Again technology cannot be blamed, it is slave to human who developed it. Unfortunately human has now become slave to its self developed thing.

I remember those days while in school when I used to get chided for big flat telephone bills amount. Obviously I used to spend hours talking with my friends. The pleasure of talking was so high and simply unmatched against the scolding, telephone bills continued to be that heavy months after months.If I have to generalize this, it’s going to be true so for many of us, isn’t it?

Imagine I am just talking of a decade ago!! Things have changed…. so much now. Incoming calls were charged on mobile network, land-line was expensive, internet seemed like a luxury to own, Skype, what’s app etc calling Just did not exist…. However today we have unlimited calling, texting, data plans…… Still we don’t TALK. Most of the times, even the most important relations talk on the messaging app… Parents-kids, married couples, siblings, childhood friends etc only message each other for almost everything. Of course official leave application and resignations have also exploited the digital communication optimally.

Is there a harm? What’s the problem with such communication? The purpose is accomplished, the message is sent, task is done…saved the time of the sender and leverages the receiver to accept, read or even deny as per his/her convenience. Even anger messages can be expressed through emoji resembling ones present state of mind.

The one sad part is that it lacks the humanly warmth and emotion of the message that needed to be put across. No doubt technology blessed us with voice notes however an ongoing conversation has its own charm… Let’s try it… Let’s talk…

Talk to your loved ones… Tell them you value them, they make a difference in your life, you miss them, their voice relaxes your soul… You never know what you get to hear in return… Sometimes the best conversations are made just by listening to the voice of your loved ones…. Sense the Magic…. Feel the difference…

Before it gets too late, strike the best conversations because there is no technology that allows or travels to the other side of life.

Life is short, celebrate it, share it and live every moment.

If I have been able to convince you, then please mention the name of the person in the comments section you would call after reading this.


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk

  1. I see where you are going with this and wonder if you might be able to expand on it a little more. I understand your point about social communication not being a new phenomenon. In addition, what are some of the negative drawbacks that can come from social media that may take away or attempt to replace verbal and social interaction, and possibly fail?


    1. Social media cannot take away the social interaction as somewhere that human touch is still a necessity. This is evidently seen when the worst of or the best of things happen to us, the first thing one does is call his or her dearest person and then post the news on social media. Another classic example is when most of us call an IVR of services,we tend to press the option which says ” to speak to a customer service press….. ”
      My point here is that personal conversation is becoming lesser day by day. The world is a very dynamic and strange place, never know what it has in future for us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, gives me the confidence I talk sense.

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