NOW is the BEST time.

We often hear,”I wish I can do when this happens or when I reach there or when I become this or when I get this….. ” there are so many examples in our day to day life when we keep postponing a task, sharing something, going out, or even apologising….saying I’ll do it tomorrow. My question is which tomorrow are we talking of. “A tomorrow is an uncertain event yet to happen”. Of course we must be hopeful of a tomorrow to come but that does not mean to push everything to a Tomorrow!!

I mean it… why always choose tomorrow, why not NOW. Lord Rama was supposed to be crowned the King of Ayodhya “tomorrow”. The entire Ayodhya was celebrating and assumed their happy times will start from ‘tomorrow ‘… None never ever could have imagined what happened on that ‘tomorrow’, the To be King was awarded a Sanyasi life to be lived in the forests for 14years to come.

No one knows what life has in store for us tomorrow so do it NOW. Be happy now, make others happy, tell the one you love now, do whatever you want to do in life now. There is no better time than ‘NOW’.. Maybe you have a tomorrow but the person you want to be,does not!! So make the most of it NOW. A yesterday is recalled and regretted at times for a missed opportunity. So don’t let ‘Now’ become yesterday.

Some people even keep the best of things to be used to some tomorrow. A beautiful dress, anklet or your favorite pair of jeans will make you look fabulous NOW. Who knows are we alive tomorrow to use them? The brighter side of life believes in Living life king size now, don’t wait to look good in your dress….

There is no auspicious time or day to do any good deed. A good deed itself makes the time good with the positivity of its goodness.

Break the shakles of laziness and action, to become the change,to live life… Just Go for it.

Don’t wait, don’t waste, Just Live and be Happy… Spread Happiness and Joy.

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