Do it

Start when the world stops! Their finish line should be your start line… So on your marks-get-set-go. Just do it. Winning the race is not always important,however completing the race is important.

You will win only when you are convinced of your victory.Set your milestone-improve yourself-practise again and beat yourself. Just don’t ever quit.

Learning is ongoing process. Life teaches us a lesson at every stage. These lessons taught should be applied in our day to day life. ‘Even the sun is sometimes all alone but does not stop shinning’. It does not quit.

Moon may not be as powerful as the sun, but still faces the sun and utilizes it’s rays to shine. It does not quit

The spider falls as many times as possible to finally climb to make the web. It did not quit

The ants spend innumerable days and efforts to carry the heavy food particles for its survival. It did not quit

Get your efforts and thoughts right, rest all falls in place shaping up for you.

That one last attempt could turn the table round for you. We fail only when we quit. So don’t quit.

The most powerful and important thing is inside YOU. So create your own future and never give up!! Live your soul and not your body. Don’t go against the mother earth. Go natural!!


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4 thoughts on “Do it

  1. “Karm kiye jao fal ki chinta mat karo”…said by Krishna in “Geeta”.
    Kabhi na kabhi to milta hi hain, so do not quit.

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