The Power is You

You are the most Powerful creation of god.King of oneself and all the Power is in You.

No one can take away your peace if you don’t allow them to. Your happiness is at your disposal and only you decide the state of your mind.

It’s about how you look and react at things that decides your flow of mind. A glass half filled is taken as half empty while some of us look at it as half filled. Simply a matter of one’s own outlook towards life.

No one in this world has the power to disturb your mind. Your control on your mind decides if you are happy,angry,sad or upset.

So what are you waiting for to be happy? Let your mind tell you,”You are the unique creation of god and he wants you to love and appreciate everything around. Be happy and celebrate every single moment of life”.

Cast aside all sadness and negativity. Let your state of mind be the healthiest. It is only “once” that you are blessed with life. Live it royally.

Be the master of your mind, body and soul…. Live your soul! #Go natural


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8 thoughts on “The Power is You

  1. Life is like pendulum. It’s always moving into three state past, present & future. You have to decide where you want to leave. You only require to hold so that you will maximum spend time in the present. This is only power on you.

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  2. We all have dreams, goals and aspirations we wish to achieve in our lives, but many times those accomplishments lie unfulfilled, limited by our fears and negative experiences.
    We dream about success, visualize and plan for it and yet it still lies outside our reach. Sometimes we even achieve a part of what we desire but not the complete vision, and now we have to open our Gateway to
    ​Self-Empowerment, something like “the power is you”.

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