Let Karma do it

Our grand parents would always say, ” Do good to others,say nice things,purify your thoughts …”.With age and experience they have acquired the Truth of Life.

Karma is very powerful and everything revolves around it. What goes around comes back around…. Do unto others as you want them to you. All the good and bad things in our life happens because of Karma…our karma..our deeds… deeds that we did in the past and we are currently doing. All of this decides what we go through in the present.

Karma paves way for the purpose of life. What is the purpose of life?? ” It is to do the right deed”. One must still do the right thing even if the world turns wrong,dont bother,just move on towards the right direction.

Trust me Karma only understands- give the wrongness of the wrong doer back to him…. It will serve you with what you deserve.

Purpose of life,”Karam kar,phal ki ikshaa na kar”. Don’t keep grudges or be revengeful…. Leave it all to Karma. It will take care of everything else and if you are lucky,it will show you it’s impact…make you watch the person who did wrong to you,go through the same…

It did not even spare the Lords… King Dashratha had killed Sharvan Kumar unintentionally. Sharvan Kumar’s parents cursed him with the same feeling that they were going through. Eventually the king died because of the separation pain of his Son Rama.

It’s time to realise the truth of life..look back..correct yourself… Do the right deed…purify your soul… Liveyoursoul #go natural


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4 thoughts on “Let Karma do it

  1. Intent and action (karma) has consequences; karma lingers and doesn’t disappear; and, all positive or negative experiences in life require effort and intent.
    “Happiness comes due to good actions, suffering results from evil actions, by actions, all things are obtained, by inaction, nothing whatsoever is enjoyed.
    If one’s action bore no fruit, then everything would be of no avail, if the world worked from fate alone, it would be neutralized”.
    — Mahabharata, xiii.6.10 & 19

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