You are the architect of your Destiny

You can build your own destiny,yes I mean it! You are your own godfather. Shape things your way.

Fate and destiny are two very different things. Fate is what you are born with and destiny is what you make yourself. Sometimes fate and destiny is the same for a person. At the same time, it would widely differ for some. The question is how do we know the difference?

Answer is very simple! Let’s understand with an example…. When you were born to a poor family who would hardly make ends meet. However with your hard work and dedication you change things and became filthy rich. So your fate was to be born poor but your determination evolved your destiny. It could be the other way round as well.

Only by being focused and with perseverance a Man changes his destiny. So keep going.. It’s bound to change.


Lucky are those who realise this early in life and diverts efforts to change things. “It is not an easy task”. It’s all about fighting with the odds and more importantly yourself. Keeping the focus on the end result keeps you going.

At this junction of my life I realise taking decisions is important. It increases the risk taking capacity and helps take control of oneself.Such decisions may not always be right, however proving these decisions right is the biggest challenge one must take up. It should simply not be compromised.

Your world changes only when you change.Be the change.Of course it takes a lot to change, but that’s exactly why god gave us feet.If we were meant to be stationed at one place then we would have roots instead of foot.The thought behind this is keep going,take the pain,exhibit patience soon these will become your strength giving you more power.

Focus, determination,hard work and perseverance can do wonders if practised faithfully. It is a 100% full proof formula of success. Each successful story has these as their base and foundation. Right attitude, strong will power and decision making adds to complete the circle. So travel your fate into a destiny you choose.. Become the architect of your life and bring up the most beautiful monument called YOU.

Live your soul not just the life…. Make it royal and lively #go natural….


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5 thoughts on “You are the architect of your Destiny

  1. Never forget: This very moment, we can change our lives. There never was a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny. This second, we can turn the tables on Resistance. This second, we can sit down and do our work.
    No industry is immune and no occupation is safe. All of us need to begin to think in terms of our own inner strengths, our resilience and resourcefulness, our capacity to adapt and to rely upon ourselves.

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