You are the result of your own thoughts.

It’s all about what you think you are. Self realization is the key to success. And success is defined by You! You have to believe in yourself first for the world to believe you. You become what you think you are.

Don’t bother what the world says or thinks about you…. That’s not your problem!!! If someone does not like you,it is his problem not yours. It should not change the meaning of your life.

Just move on. If you really want to be successful then disappear for some time. Disappear from everyone’s mind and let everyone vanish from yours. Just concentrate on your success.

Only if you think you can do it… You really can do it. You don’t need anything or anyone to do what you have thought of. There is no power around that can stop you.However if you think you cannot do it then nothing on earth can push you to do it either.

There are so many examples of people with physical disabilities becoming successful and shinning as stars. Their physical disability did not stop them from achieving what they thought of.

Our thoughts really empower us a lot. Fight for India’s Independence was a result of all great freedom fighters thoughts put together. Other wise to fight out such a massive army was very difficult. We became independent because we thought we should and we could.

Similarly our good thoughts make our character good.It’s not the academic achievement that determines positive thoughts always. Sometimes even an uneducated man can set example of great things.

Negative and wrong thoughts make a man arrogant and not abiding with law of the land. Such people destroy the peace around and inside them.

One should always have strong feelings and positive thoughts to energize himself as well as the world around them.

Think Good, Eat Healthy and Stay Blessed is the Success Mantra. Control your Thoughts to become the Best Outcome of it…

Purity of the Soul is all that matters. It reflects in the heart,body and mind. So Purify Yourself and Gift Yourself Only the Best.

Live your Soul every moment and be Happy. Smile and Spread smiles, it costs nothing.#go natural.


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2 thoughts on “You are the result of your own thoughts.

  1. Our entire lives are guided by our minds.
    The thoughts we allow into our brains every day shape our lives, and determine our future. You may have heard of this idea that we become what we think about……
    This is such a profound realization, and when we first understood this, not just on an intellectual level, but when we emotionally understood what this meant, our life changed. We started focusing on the things we really wanted to do, and not on just what would bring the money in for the time being.
    Focus on what we want in life, and everything else will fall into place.

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