Keep the ‘child’ in you Alive.

Childhood is the most beautiful part of life’s journey.The craziest and most innocent memories are always born here. Fun and enjoyment is the only motive of life. Never ending games and silly fights had no outcome.

We long to grow up! Grow up to become a part of the never ending race. All the innocence vanishes and is replaced with diplomacy of adulthood. Soon life appears to be full of responsibilities and goal oriented. It is good to be focused,it helps to achieve goal of life and paves way for success.

What happens when the child in us suddenly starts behaving like a responsible adult? The outdoor games are replaced by serious office work. The long innocent talks convert into small and formal conversations, carelessness and carefree childhood shapes into serious and responsible behavior. Knowingly or unknowingly we become the part of the endless race where millions are already struggling. In this race we become robotic and follow a routine which is so automated that we forget everything we loved doing as a child.

Live… Let the child in you be alive always. It keeps you alive..keeps you stress-free and you royally live every single moment of life.

As a child we did everything without caring for consequences but as we grow up, it’s the other way round where we first think about the consequences and then do anything at all. Fear of the unknown has replaced the carefree attitude of a child.

Be a child again and forget about the everything to be a go getter in life. Think and do things that makes you happy and brings you joy. Going out with friends will always be worth the fight. Bunking classes, punished to stand outside the classroom, being a back benched or being late to school were plans executed with pride!!

Give yourself a break.. Do all that makes you happy, life is too short to be wasted and there is no rewind button…. Enjoy the child in it through your children,refresh your memory.Love yourself and be your own company.

Do all that you enjoyed doing…life can ditch you anytime without notice so live every moment. Bring out the best in you….. Live your soul.. #go natural.


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4 thoughts on “Keep the ‘child’ in you Alive.

  1. Children are a lot of things that adults are not – inquisitive, impulsive, curious, perseverant, fearless, enthusiastic, and a lot more. These are all traits that we as adults either dial down largely, or forgot completely. This in turn leads us down a path where we all end up being a lot less than what we are capable of.
    A child is ever-thirsty for knowledge, fearless and undaunted in its pursuit of it whereas adults are more circumspect, and have a more consequential train of thought.
    All, these functional and intellectual aspects aside, there is one other discerning trait in children that adults could use a lot of – emotional simplicity. This means that children tend to keep things simple. Their emotions are intense yet transient. They can be pleased by the simplest of things, like the rainbow in the sky, or the butterfly fluttering around in the garden. And they have little to no room for negative emotions, such as grudge, jealousy, anger and so on, as their souls are pure and untainted by the outside world as yet.
    So when we try to keep out inner child alive, we could also stay positive, stay hungry, find joy in the little things in life, keep negativity out of our minds and bodies, learn more, resent less, and keep our soul that much fresh.

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    1. Yes it completes and deep dive the discussion even further… Emotional simplicity is a learning that must be absorbed and retained as we grow up keeping the child in us alive…

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