It’s extremely important to be focused in life. It gives direction and leads us to our destination straight-Absolutely no shortcuts required. Just Focus and aim it and you will definitely achieve it.

It’s very wisely said,”You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want”. Arjun-The Pandava focused on the eye of the fish to get the aim hit. He simply followed the instructions of his guru. His focus was to follow what is being said to be done and nothing else.

Let’s understand the benefits of being focused:

1.Being focus helps to get to the destination quickly.

2. It secures the end result – Success is guaranteed.

3. The difficulties enroute ultimate goal seem minimal since the focus is on the goal.

4. There are less complications and roadblocks and what ever distractions exist do not hurt since the goal is clearly visible.

5. Helps taking decisions without any confusion as options do not exist.

6. Makes the journey smooth and memorable as the thorns on the way hurt less as compared to the fruits received at the destination.

7. Focusing on your goal ensures you only look ahead.

8. What we focus outside is generally a reflection of what we feel inside. It mirrors us.

9. Being focused keeps reminding the destination hence we do not go astray.

10. Last but not the least it adds meaning to one’s life as purpose of life is accomplished.

Being Focused is very powerful! It improves the quality of life.

Whenever you feel lost and confused just do the following to bring back the focus:

1. Mediate and breath deeply to understand what you want and then focus only on that.

2. To get to a bigger goal, break it into smaller goals to ensure you remain focused. Adjust your focus right.

3. Don’t worry about the difficulties you come across to achieve what you want, it’s a part of the game hence unavoidable. It’s like getting horns with the rose stick.

4. Keep talking to yourself remaining about your goal, it only strengthens your focus.

5. Lastly Never Give Up.

Strong Will Power and Self Determination are catalyst of being FOCUSED.

Father of our nation- Mahatma Gandhi focused on getting Independence one day hence it helped him fight out and motivate others against the giant force in pre independence era. This proves the strength of being focused.

Grab the best for you by being focused. Listen to your inner self and give your best shot. Live your soul and #go natural.


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6 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Everyone knows that focus is an important ingredient for success and that severe procrastination can derail even the most well thought-out projects.
    Even if life is going swimmingly, there is always room to focus on self-improvement. But this never more so the case than when life has gotten out of control. Maybe working long hours, and have lost sense of self. Or focus on everyone else, and never take time to be alone. Whatever the case may be, setting aside time to focus on own goals and dreams is a mighty good idea.
    It’s important to constantly be improving ourself because progress leads to fulfillment.
    We oftentimes think that accomplishments lead to our happiness, but it simply isn’t true. While we may feel good after an achievement, the feeling isn’t sustainable. It’s important to always be learning and growing in life for happiness that’s lasting.
    This may be a tough pill to swallow if we feel like life should be complete after reaching a certain goal. Yes, it will feel good. But we can’t stop there. Self-improvement is a lifelong thing, so get used to the idea of changing and growing from here on out. To get started, focusing on self-improvement our new daily things.

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