Life- Larger than life !!

Life is beautiful! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It’s all about celebrating this journey called life. Some of us are really geared up to live life king size while some are busy running from pillar to post simply living it. Yet others who simply live for the sake of it.

Life is a struggle, face it with pride and courage. It’s up-to us to define life for us. Each day brings in a new challenge with it. The art of overcoming or surrendering the challenge depicts our concept of life. Nothing is constant.Good or bad times, it will change. To be consistently knocking out the tough times and embracing the good times is the ideal cycle one must follow.

Beauty of life must be celebrated. It is unknown when you will be blessed with such a life again so live it to the fullest. It’s a journey in which the start and end is always set alone. Only through the journey you meet others who come to your life with a purpose. Some just come and go making no significance in your life. While some stay forever and gift beautiful memories to you.

Most of the times we either laugh or cry out remembering those memories. All memories usually remind of a phase,a chapter lived royally.

Life becomes meaningful when you focus on your self and mind to accomplish your goal. It’s path to success is then defined and corresponding efforts are made. Never give up on life because you should consider yourself fortunate enough to be blessed as human beings.

It’s just one life where you have to do everything, grow up, study, play, work, manage family, earn, enjoy, travel, meditate etc “and be happy”. So do everything that makes you happy and celebrate every single moment of life, it doesn’t have a rewind button. With each day,you only grow older. Just live life…

Life is highly unpredictable so never waste even a single moment of it.

  • It gives you numerous occasions to prove yourself provided you don’t give up.
  • Fill all shades of colours to make it vibrant and brighter.
  • Work hard and enjoy equally to strike a balance in life.
  • Make your life’s existence welcoming and warm in others life.
  • Make it Larger than life.

Life is beautiful, trust me very beautiful….make it worth… Live it to the fullest. Live your soul. #go natural.

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3 thoughts on “Life- Larger than life !!

  1. – Living life on your terms.
    – Enjoying every living moment.
    – Spending time with people you like.
    – At the end, having no regrets.

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