Motherhood – The most beautiful Journey of a Woman.

Mother and motherhood are sacred words and command respect at all times. On this planet earth, mothers are considered God, they are Angels sent to earth to protect Mankind. “Only a mother possess power to give birth – bring life into existence. Isn’t that a great power? Well I must say it’s a privilege only to women who can bring life from their life. Blessed are these souls. Immense respect and admiration must be showered on them always by one and all.

One must think about it, a mother creates another life from her own body. It takes a lot of physical,emotional and mental strength of hers to become a proud mother. It’s a mix of emotions and huge responsibility during this journey. Of course it’s not easy to tide over those 9mths and then a lifetime!!

A mother is born when she gives birth to her child,until then she was just a woman..thats why child birth is considered as a second birth for a woman. It completes a woman for the rest of her lifetime.

It’s a right only to women who have been so strong and fearless from ages carrying the tradition flawlessly. A mother is the world to her children, she means everything to them irrespective of the age of the children. She does everything in her capacity to ensure the child grows up to a responsible adult.She has the power to strike many unsaid or non verbal communication.A Guiding Angel and Saviour,her heart is Overwhelming with Love Always.

Mothers love cannot be traded for anything in this world,absolutely no parallel to her.She is simply Unique and most Special Gift to mankind. Selflessly she dedicates her life to her children only to see them Smile. She only expects Love, Selfless Love in return.

Love your Mother!

Give her respect,

Give her your time and patience,

Become understanding,

show her your concern,

make her happy always,

tell her how indebted you are,

how deeply you feel for her,

that she is the most important part of your life now and forever.

“Respect your mother for her sacrifices because she stopped living for herself the moment you were born”.

Those sleepless nights, her dress smelling of baby food and residue, her uncombed hair rolled up, her 2mins of shower, her quarterly or half yearly visits to the parlour, 5seconds duration conversations over the phone, grab a bite for all her meals and so on….the list simply does not end. All I can say, “MAA TUJE SALAAM….”

Tell your mother you love her at least once in a day…it touches her soul,makes her live every moment and gives her a feeling of contentment. It’s really important to make her feel she is wanted and her presences add life to your life…..

Dedicated to all the mothers in this world! Share it with every women in your life who is a mother and every men who values motherhood. Live your soul #go natural.


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