What is Love 😍

Love is all about Understanding. Each one of us have a different perspective to it,i am sure. Well it all depends on what we expect. If Love means care, respect, affection,closeness,sacrifice,togetherness then it also means ‘Space to breathe and Understanding‘.

A person who ‘loves’ may not necessarily ‘understand’ you always however an understanding person will always love you and pray for your happiness.

Both of them are extremely important and form the base of every relation,adding a deep meaning to it.Hence an equal mixture of these two ingredients must be present and any imbalance in ratio affects the success rate big time.

Parents scold their children for doing things that are incorrect from their perspective. Because they love so much that they are so protective. Children on the other hand take it as over reaction and tend to avoid their parents.Not that they don’t love their parents…it is just lack of understanding!!

Relationships also suffer when ‘Love’is not nurtured with Understanding… Of course love gives the strength to any relationship however understanding brings in longevity and life in it. Sometimes you don’t really have to love a person to understand him/her. Just the right feelings and the ability to deal with is worth moving ahead.

Love is Pure and becomes Immortal when it is rooted with Understanding and Care.

Only Love cannot guarantee happiness and success in love marriages… until understanding the partner joins hands. On the other hand arranged marriages are usually initiated on the basis of a mutual understanding which later converts into commitment. It’s not just about relationships,the same implies in all types of associations.

Working in office, school, colleges or any other set up expects cordial and accommodating behavior in and around to ensure a serene atmosphere.

If each one of us attempt to understand the actions of our loved ones, the world around us will change, it will only be filled with love and loved ones”.

On the contrary, sometimes we try to impose our will on our loved ones labeling it as ‘love’ . Actually it is love for our own self…because we want it that way so we force others to do what we want. Only if we ‘understand’ what they want and let them do accordingly,things will change!!

One has to learn to be adaptive, allowing space and ability to let go of things. 99% of relationships problems will be solved and end an unhealthy word called EGO.

We usually open up with people who understand us!! It’s our comfort zone…Highly recommended to develop this zone and optimize it to de-stress oneself. Each one of us Must have a person who understands ‘ okays, I am fine, and silence’… Life will become meaningful and exciting to live. It’s Just one life, live it King Size… Be happy and celebrate every single moment of life with love and support… Live your soul #go natural.


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4 thoughts on “What is Love 😍

  1. “Love is a feeling or emotion”

    I know no one satisfied with that one simple statement for love as many believe that it’s a strong connection or feeling between two people beyond words. The fact that this question has more than 1000 answers shows that it has many dimensions to itself and all perceptions are presented to fit the social and personal behaviors of individuals.

    The reason there are so many varying and contradictory definitions is because love is not being studied. It’s been explored in countless poems, musical lyrics and other artistic endeavors, but there has been very little hard research, investigation or analysis of love.

    But the fact is: “Love is Relative. There is no absolute love as such. A bond between a mother and her child, a father and a daughter; A special caring for best friends; Patriotism towards their own country or ideology; Meaningful relationship between a student and a teacher with mutual respect; Undying attachment of a husband and wife – All these are some of the forms of love.”

    Similar way: “Love is a very strong emotion, but Life is not only about it. It’s an amalgamation of thousands of emotions which we will express to countless people who are part of our lives in our finite lifespan making infinite cherishable moments”.

    Personally, still trying to understand this basic human emotion, but finding it very complex and paradoxical in its way of working and its impact.

    “What’s Love?
    In Math: A Problem
    In History: A War
    In Chemistry: A Reaction
    In Art: A Heart


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