Self Realisation- A Powerful Discovery

Self Realisation is a very powerful discovery of oneself. It is a stage when one actually realises the meaning of life and strives to accomplish the purpose of it.

Life is a journey where each one of us are running in a vicious cycle of eat,sleep and work. In between we catch up with stress busting elements like family and friends. It goes on and goes, what we forget in the bargain is living life!! We forget our dreams and aspirations. We are simply living in a robotic routine life cobwebbed with social and financial safety. Very few break through this routine and those are the ones who are successful in life. These people go against the wind flow, burn the midnight oil, do the impossible and emerge out strong.


All of this is backed by the fire of self realisation. They have realised their life is not just to follow the crowd but to be the king of oneself. Self realisation has set in which enlightens the individual and motivates to accomplish the milestone of life. Life is not just about earning and spending!! it is about serving the mankind and help everyone grow and develop.

Lack of realisation leads to failures in life. It astray the individual and smokes the path ahead. One does not understand what they are doing and where they need to get to in life…just moving on days turning into nights and the cycle continues. Some of us don’t find this strange because it is obvious that realisation is missing. They live and fade away from this earth after their life cycle. One very common example of lack of realisation is criminal committing some crime. They dont realise the damage they do to someone…simply cannot feel or imagine the pain their deed gives to someone. Surprising some jump to stage 2 of lack of realisation when they try to evade punishment for the same. Karma plays a role at its own pace with them.

It is important we realise what life is meant for. Raise up to fulfil your dreams and make space in this world. Gautam Buddha became the enlightened one because of his self realisation. It changed everything for him and he still lives in the heart of the people.

Self realisation gives you he power to go to a different level where all materialistic things become unimportant, only spirituality matters and becomes the goal of life. Success and self-satisfaction comes only at this stage and stays there forever.

Lets strive to know yourself and understand the purpose of life. It will definitely add value to the mankind and make this world a better and beautiful place to live in. Make the required effort and become immortal in this universe. Live your soul. #Gonatural.


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  1. What exactly is Self-realization?
    It is to know and experience directly who You really are!
    By discovering the real eternal nature of “Who am I”, true permanent happiness is attained.

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