Hard Work- A magical Effort

Hard work is the prerequite of success in life. It lays the foundation of all achievements. It has no substitute, nothing can replace it.Absolutely no parallel.

People say ” Smart work” rather than “hard work”…what is the difference and why???

Let’s understand hard work does not only mean physical activity with long hours. It means dedicated efforts (physical,emotional,mental as well as spiritual)with a ‘never give up’attitude until the goal is reached. Smart work also forms a part of hard work only….it typically gets your mind to do all the hard work to achieve results.

This world rewards you with life only when you work hard. A baby really struggles to come out into this world from his mother’s womb by pushing itself hard….this marks the beginning of it. As he grows, he works hard at school,college and university to get good grades so he can get a good job. Professional struggle again throws challenges and roadblocks so again working hard is the only choice. Hence there is no way one can evade hard work.

Working hard disciplines a person, makes him focused, keeps him motivated and going so he achieves his goal. Success is achieved when hard work is combined with talent, passion and luck..results are definite.

In olden times,people used to work hard all day and sleep tight at nights, this was the best and healthiest routine every body followed. They ate fresh food and nurtured the nature around. Diabetes, blood pressure,depression, anxiety, heart attack etc were never heard of…because work hard purified the body,mind and soul of the people then.

Time has changed and so the routine. The just mentioned diseases are so common and does not spare any age group. Working against the nature hard will pull you down very hard. Many factors contribute to it….. Focus should be humble, work hard and stay happy.

The tortoise won the race only because of his dedication and hard work. Hard work alone can tide you over any hardships. There is no two ways about it. Put in your best efforts and no one can steal the show from you. It’s only you who can make it happen if you decide to.

Satisfaction comes and magnifies when the results are shining bright because of the hard work you put. The feeling is awesome and a very rewarding experience… Master this art and program your mind to work hard now and forever to be on top. The most successful people in life have really worked hard and struggled before achieving fame,which makes it completely worth the efforts!!!

Embrace life and it’s principles in their purest form, results will surprise you making your life a celebration in itself.

Stay positive, work hard and be happy.Live your soul. #GoNatural.


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  1. Hard work is necessary in order to attain success in all aspects of life. Nothing comes to you without putting in the work, dreams do not materialize but through consistent action.

    Hard work is what separates the winners from the losers….

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