Trust his Timings

Time is the most Powerful element in this world. It has the ability to display different phases in ones life. No one can defeat or overcome it.

Time is the ‘Biggest healer’. Anything and everything can be repaired with time.Time has the potential to overcome the most difficult moments of life and with the same pace, beautify the most memorable moments.

Time has its own pace and colors for each one of us. We just cannot force anything on it. It’s simply beyond control. There is no equipment that has the power to stop time…not yet and will never be!

If your time is supportive,then you can win over just anything and everything.However if I goes against you,nothing on earth can stop you from falling down. It’s all His Timings. God has made it so powerful and have complete control over it. No matter how much you push, everything will happen at His allotted timings only!

He has timed everything and you just have to trust him with it.

  • Be Patient. Be it good or bad time, it will change.
  • Never take advantage of anyone’s situation, you never know soon you could be in the same place.
  • Be yourself in the best and worst of the times, it’s simply a test by him.
  • Your prayers will be answered at the right time.
  • Time has the ability to convert coal into diamond so learn from it.
  • Don’t be afraid to start all over again, it is a chance to build it better this time.
  • Time is very precious….never waste it.

  • People who realise the value of time,stay ahead of others who don’t value.
  • Time is priceless and does not come back ,dont waste on wrong people.

Each second of the clock has lots of value and unfolds luck every now and then, you just have to recognize it right to grab it. Make the most of your time before it is too late. Live it Large and Big! Live your soul #GoNatural


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4 thoughts on “Trust his Timings

  1. Nobody gets before time and more than his fate. There is a suitable time for everything to happen.
    “Waqt se pehle aur kismat se zyada kisi ko nahi milta.”
    We can just try to attain what we want , but sometimes destiny takes control and gives us what we deserve rather than what we want.
    So try again & again & again & get your goal.

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