My Mother is the BEST

Mother and Motherhood is the most celebrated feeling for women in this world. Its a very special and unique experience graced by god on women.

My Mother is the Best- Each one of us must say because every mother on earth is the best. And that’s what she is meant to be. She is not doing anything extraordinary- she is only obeying God’s command to her. She is very disciplined and diligently carrying her duties on earth. God sent his face in the form of mother to earth and programmed her to take her of his creation. Now no matter what this programming and coding cannot be changed by everyone. She is a mother and will be a mother till she is breathing. A Mother is the most powerful creation of God and he is definitely proud of her. Goes without saying Motherhood is a 24/7 full time job with no vacations,no breaks and no pay. It is a selfless and thankless job only a Mother can do and excel.

  1. A mother can become a friend, guide, coach,mentor, as many roles as possible but none can become a mother to you. She is irreplaceable.
  2. When the world turns away, a mother will be the only one by your side.
  3. You may have to cry your heart out to others to explain yourself, however a mother just knows everything by merely hearing your voice.
  4. God cannot be at every place that’s why he sent Mothers as his presence.
  5. Any place becomes a Home when mother is around.
  6. A warm hug from a mother can cure anything under this sun.
  7. No matter how you treat your mother, her feelings for you will never change.

A Mother is always caring and praying for her children. She is not just a mother to her kids but also to other kids. You dont have to thank her for what she is doing for all. She is just carrying the god’s command flawlessly .

Yes if you want to thank her then you should help her in doing her task more efficiently.When you follow the below, It makes the mothers out there satisfied.

  • Dont ever hurt Anyone. Every human being a son or daughter of a mother.
  • Respect and love everyone around.
  • Help everyone and be kind.
  • Never cheat or loot anyone.
  • Don’t speak ill about others.
  • Even animals should be treated with love and care.

Let’s not limit the Mothers Day celebration to only one day. Each one of us should celebrate this day everyday. By being kind, peaceful, true, loyal,hard working and spread love in this world,we can ensure everyone is happy. Hence all mothers in this world will be Happy.

Live your soul. #GoNatural


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