You are the most Wealthiest.

You are the most Wealthiest and I bet you don’t know that. Most of us are not aware of this fact. That is because we always relate wealth to our financial state. It’s not always true!!

You are a result of your values and the efforts you make to live up to them.Most important values in anyone’s lives are Financial,Physical,Social,Mental,Family,Vocational and Spiritual. The life you live currently is the result of how you prioritise these values. You become wealthiest if you share the best relationships with your family and friends since your priority is family. Likewise you are again wealthiest if you enjoy the best of health since being physically fit is your priority. Same stands true for each value.

If you are not financially wealthy that’s only because it’s never  been your priority. You must always remember efforts made consistently and persistently is a proof of your value being your priority.

You become Wealthiest in the area where you spend your maximum Time,Energy,Effort and Money. And it is extremely important to understand this. Of course sincerity and dedication makes it worthy.

If financial well-being is your priority on your value system and you are practicing all of the above,there is no way that you will not become wealthy in this area.

It is vital to become fully aware of your wealth so you are satisfied and can do justice to the other values in the Hierarchy of your value system. With time, the order can change, that’s completely understandable. Working towards it and fulfilment of these values is extremely important.

Make the most of the Time because it does not have a reverse or rewind button and the meter runs throughout the day and night. Take the right action at the right time to be fully aware of your quality of your  Life. It’s an One Time Offer by God,Live it King Size. Live your soul. #GoNatural.


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4 thoughts on “You are the most Wealthiest.

  1. Who is a wealthy person?
    I think there is more to wealth than money only.
    It is human tendency to ignore the things that we already possess without realizing how important they are to us and search for materialistic pleasures else where.
    We all are wealthy in one way or the other.
    So, think that you are wealthy when you have inner wealth. When you have a caring family or caring friends or when you are healthy or when you progress in your career – you are wealthy!

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