10 Powerful Daily Mantras

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of success is found in your daily routine”. Very rightly said by John C Maxwell. It’s so true.

  1. We become what we repeatedly do everyday. Making a big decision is not always a mandate to get what you want. It’s simply small changes/alternations required in your daily routine life.
  2. It’s a very simple rule. Start with any activity for 21days to get to a point where it becomes a daily routine and then continue for 90days to make it on the go. So continue to do a kind deed for 21days and then push for 90days for it to last forever. Notice the change in life.
  3. Successful people do it daily what average people do occasionally. This is what separates them from the rest. It requires a lot of motivation and dedication to be focused all the time.
  4. “Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make,makes you”. Again this applies on choices made daily in the routine life also. So instead of watching your favorite show,you choose to work on your project will impact your success.
  5. Invest in yourself. Learn something new everyday and enrich your life. It is the Biggest Investment of your life.

  6. Do things that compel you to come out of your comfort zone daily,it makes you stronger and more determined.
  7. Respect your decision and applaud daily to ensure you remain focused to live that decision successfully.
  8. Don’t Quit! Things will happen. Make efforts and work hard daily.
  9. Smile! It keeps you Going. Exercise and stay healthy,its a boon to oneself.
  10. Last but not the least, Strive to make at least One difference daily in other people’s lives(Mankind) to return it back to the society and Universe in the larger picture.

Life becomes meaningful when you focus on your actions everyday. You become a better version of yourself and continue to grow Morally and Spiritually.

It’s worth giving a try and make a change in your life. I strongly urge you to follow and notice the difference. I would insist go ahead with it and come back here to share the experience. Would love to hear it from you. All the best. Live your soul. #GoNatural.

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