Truth – Satyamev Jayate

Truth always triumphs. It is very powerful and cannot be suppressed or hidden. It outshines everything! It’s effect can be sensed and heavily weighed even though it is intangible.

It is extremely easy to recognize the truth. Truth is always gauged from the actions of the person than his words. Human beings are so designed by god that their actions will always reveal their true picture. Good or bad, actions always speak louder than the words. Wise people trust their instinct to know the truth behind anyone’s words. So one must always speak the truth in all circumstances come what may.

There are numerous advantages of being Truthful.

  • You don’t have to remember what you said when you speak the truth.
  • It finds its way out even in the darkest of situations.
  • It makes you stronger and prepares to face the challenges of life.
  • It makes you daring and prepares you to fight out boldly.
  • It has long lasting effects and rules out any short term comforts.
  • Keeps the stress out of the window all the time since truth is been spoken.
  • Guilt free and karma friendly.

  • Unites you with people and ensures the battle is won.
  • It cannot be evaded as it finds its way anyhow.
  • It always wins and allows acceptance.

Truthful person always gets the best in life, sooner or later!!

One must always stand for truth even if it means standing alone.

Truth may hurt but it reveals the reality which is way better than temporary comfort of a lie.

It allows corrective actions and speedy solutions to most situations.

It bridges the gap between relations and bring them even closer.

Once again truth always triumphs and is recorded in golden words. Live your soul. #GoNatural.


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