Does Happiness mean Satisfaction?

Well Happiness and Satisfaction are very closely connected and a very thin line demarcates the difference. Being happy and satisfied at the same time is possible for some occasions but not necessarily always.

Happiness is simply a feeling of joy that enlightens your heart. Satisfaction is a deep feeling of utter peace of mind.

Sometimes you are just happy that a particular incidence happened. It may bring a smile on your face for yourself or someone else however it may not give peace of mind from the long term prospective.

It’s not so easy to distinguish between the two,some deep thoughtfulness on it after putting on your thinking cap. Let’s discover some.

  • Happiness is usually momentary and occasion based,though it becomes memorable. Satisfaction has a long lasting impact along with being happy.
  • Happiness excites the body and increases blood circulation which results in a cheerful look on the face. Satisfaction projects a calm look on the face which highlights peace inside oneself.
  • Happiness is exciting and calls for celebration whereas satisfaction is usually celebrated by spending time alone.
  • Happiness is fulfilment of materialistic/spiritual or social wants while satisfaction is the absence of such wants.
  • Happiness is an emotion while satisfaction is not.
  • Although both happiness and satisfaction can go together, you cannot be happy if your wants are not met while you can be satisfied without necessarily being happy.
  • Being happy or satisfied depends largely on a person’s beliefs, especially religious ones, which give your life a purposeful meaning. When you have done your part, you will feel satisfied and happy.

Perception plays a very important role in this context hence it could be contradictory to some. However the only purpose to put forth the difference is to highlight the need to be satisfied in life. It makes a lot of difference and shapes your life by taking you to a different horizon altogether.

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4 thoughts on “Does Happiness mean Satisfaction?

  1. Identifying our personal strength and limitations makes us unique, creative, happy and satisfied. Everyone wants to have a content life. However, the joy of contentment is often marred by our endless wants. Materialism is the biggest hindrance towards satisfaction. Realizing our self is the most essential part in keeping ourself happy and peaceful. If we want to explore the beauty of life, then it is important to know the real worth of satisfaction.
    Satisfaction is not always the fulfillment of what you want; it is the realization of how blessed you are for what you have.
    “Oh, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We’ve already got the stars.”

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