Daughters- A Blessing!

A daughter is a daughter all her life. Her unique beauty can allow her to live any challenge thrown at her.Life changes and engulfs her with different roles at every stage. With every new role,she takes it up so gracefully completely justifying her last role along with the present one. Her dynamism helps her excel and over-perform and adopt the fresh responsibilities. Daughters have always been the most delightful and dearest in the world.

India is a country where daughters are regarded as Symbol of Strength/Purity/Wealth and worshiped as Goddess. A girl is a daughter,sister,wife and a mother. All these roles make her so Strong and Powerful. Unbiased and undivided she distributes her love equally in all her roles. Motherhood is inseparable in any and every stage of her life and comes so naturally to her. Even the supernatural power felt daughters are the only worthy ones so he empowered her to bring life into this world( an unique power only with woman after the superpower).

  • A daughter’s smile and sweet words can enlighten the atmosphere around.
  • She has that magical effect to paint a beautiful picture of the world to her surroundings, spreading love and warmth.
  • Her soft touch can move and melt the hearts and bring in happiness.
  • Her care and love is so pure and uniform in all situations.
  • Adjustments and compromises do not make her smile fade.
  • She is the foundation of the family she is born in along with the family she is spends her rest of life.
  • Her strength holds all together as she binds everyone in her love.
  • A daughter is the charm of her family!!!

Most precious is her never-ending unconditional love!

Every Daughter is the Pride of her Parents!!

Fortunate are those blessed with daughter(s), karma has given a chance to them to cleanse your soul – Make the most of it.

Less fortunate ones should treat every girl as their daughter and do all that it takes to make life beautiful for them- Contribute!

Lets all stand together and take pledge to make this world a beautiful place to live in for every daughter. They just need love and respect, rest all will follow. Open your mouth to speak good for a daughter, raise your hand to salute a daughter, walk behind her to pay respect and look at her to make her feel confident and safe.

Make Space for her- Safe Space for her! Be the change to see the change. Live your soul. #GoNatural


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  1. Yes lady is blessed with extremely strong power n determination to fight with a very difficult situation.. Please respect to all the ladies !!!😇

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