Rethink and Realign to be successful

People who take full responsibility for their own development are the most successful. It is their biggest priority. Definition of success is individually drawn, means different to everyone. Broader definition says people with name, fame, material comfort, luxurious lifestyle is most successful. However, i have some thoughts that differ here. To me all those people are successful who have achieved their goal in life. It is ok if the goal does not have a monetary element or a materialistic comfort attached to it. Because it all depends on your value chain and how you prioritize your values.

The broad categories of values are Physical, Financial, Spiritual, Social, Mental, Vocational and Familial. One becomes prosperous based on the hierarchy of these 7 values. Example – If you work towards developing the six packs and broad biceps, it clearly shows Physical value occupying the first seat on your value chain. So, if you finally build on your body, you have been successful in achieving your goal.

You must be aware of your values to work on them. Unconsciously you are constantly working as per your values but don’t really realise it. Let’s make ourselves aware of these values through 5 simple questions.

Question 1: What do I spend most of my time on? In which area do I spend my time more than any other?

The answer to this question help you bring awareness to a typical day and assign roughly how much time you spend in each of the seven areas. Trends will appear very quickly. Just answer them don’t judge, there is no right or wrong answer.

Question 2: What do I like to speak about with other people?

The answer to this question helps you about what topics of conversation light you up and what topics completely shut you down. You tend to participate in topics of your interest and usually withdraw from topics that do not interest you.

Question 3: What do I surround myself with at my place of work?

The answer to this answer lies in the famous sayings “Birds of same feather flock together”. “A man is known by the company he keeps”. You usually tend to get along with the people who talk and think like you.

Question 4: How do I introduce myself to other people?

Self-labelling can be a great way of beginning to understand what your values are. When you meet somebody new, after you tell them your name, how do you next identify yourself? Each one will give a different indicator of what value may be your highest.

Question 5: How do I spend my M“ONE”Y? What is MY ONE?

The most interesting answer lies here. And to answer this question what you can do is to pull out your bank statements from the last 3 months and go through each item one by one, putting a letter beside each item to identify which area you spent the money on. Physical (P) Financial (F) Spiritual (S), Social (So), Mental (M), Vocational (V) and Familial (Fa). This is a phenomenally powerful exercise, as it truly gives an insight into your daily behaviours, which add up to demonstrate the values that you live out in your life. You will always spend your money in line with your values.

With the above exercise you can easily find out your focus values in life. A millionaire has Financial (Fa) on his top values, so does a social activist have social(So) on the top, a spiritual guru has spiritual (S) as his priority value in life. The list continues……..but all of them are called successful because they have achieved their goal.

Define your success based on your priority, zero down your value, focus on it and then make it big and loud. Live your soul. #GoNatural


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