Quality of Life

Life is a one-time offer given- live it. The quality of life really matters, its not about how rich or poor you are, its all about how you have lived your life before you exit.

Do more than just survive or exist. Life is not just about breathing, earning livelihood, eating and sleeping ( and repeat). Everyone does this and go with the flow-take life as it comes. The choices become limited and constrained then. Of course, struggle forms an integral part of your life.

The Big Question is HOW well did you live through the struggle – that is important.

Even as a child, you fight out the struggles and challenges thrown at you. You are capable of standing by anything and everything resulting in only two outcomes- succeed and come out victorious or fall down to get defeated. The “How” becomes very crucial in determining the quality of struggle defining the quality of life you have lived!!

Is it really important to live a quality life? Well YES, it is very important to live a quality life. Being financially well off in life does not guarantee a quality life always. There is more to do with the events that happen that leaves a lasting impact on you. You meet so many people in your lifetime, not all are supposed to remain in your life- some erase easily! The reason is the impact – lasting impact that they leave in your life determines if they should stay or no. Hence it is very important to meet the right kind of people in life and let right actions dictate the flow of your life.

Enhance the quality of your life by doing the following:

  1. Listen to yourself and do what you feel like doing. Yes, respect others and their feelings at the same time, value yourself.
  2. Spend your time with positive people and environment, it plays a major role on how your mind is conditioned for the rest of your life.
  3. Invest and enrich yourself to enhance the quality of self.
  4. Love your self, family and friends and make them feel valued.
  5. Spread happiness and joy of celebrating the present moment.
  6. Live every moment,make it live and memorable.
  7. Living a life full of happy moments is more important than a long life.
  8. Give it back to the community and help mankind for all the good things in your life.
  9. Appreciate all the good things in life and value it.
  10. Thank god for all the precious elements he blessed you with.

Don’t just exist, live life king size!!! Be happy and satisfied. Breathe out positive thoughts now and forever. Love your soul. #GoNatural.


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