The ‘ION’ concept in Life

Let’s understand a better meaning behind a lot of words that we use every day, allowing us to see hidden truths behind them.

The word “emotion” derives from the Latin “motus” meaning to move or movement. An “ion” is a charged particle. So you could look at emot-ions as the movement of charges. Life is, after all, a constant movement from negative to positive to negative and back again. Most of us feel that events happen to us, when in fact it is our react-ion to those events that determines what emotion and feeling we associate with them.

At a younger age, our emotions are a lot more polarised than when we get older and wiser. If you watch the reaction of a child who has their teddy taken away from them, it’s the end of their world! If you study the reaction of a 95-year-old who is just made aware that their best friend of 90 years has just passed, there is usually a more solemn and knowing reaction, without a massive display of emotion. With age comes the realisation that it is not possible to have one-sided events. You cannot have a positive without a corresponding negative, and vice versa.

While we’re on the topic, let’s delve that little bit deeper into the “ion” world. If you look carefully at words in the English language, almost all words that have an “ion” at the end are generally referring to a charged state. Now this is where it gets really interesting.

“the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask”.

Your perspective when it comes to your mood, emotions and feelings on a day-to-day basis is often determined by the type of questions you ask, and this rolls up into a lifetime. As long as you ask questions of yourself that are disempowering, like “why do bad things always happen to me?”, “why can’t I lose weight?” and perhaps “why am I always broke?”, it will continue to put you in a place mentally where it is difficult to see a solut- ion. On the other hand, when your quest-ions are solut-ion based, it puts you in a more empowering frame of mind, where you can focus on the real problem. Questions like “what can I do to bring more joy / money / health into my life starting now?” wouldn’t be a bad starting point.

“Passion” is a highly-charged positive state. In fact, most often you are “pass”ing the “ion” from a highly-charged negative state to a highly-charged positive state, and with this comparison of polar opposites in place, you can become very charged about a particular situation. If you have any interest in the personal development field, no doubt on numerous occasions you will have heard about the importance of passion in your life, whether that is finding your passion or living with passion. What are you passionate about?

Passion is a highly-charged positive state. The problem with anything in a highly charged state is that it is not sustainable, it always seeks its opposite to get back to the natural state of neutrality or balance. That is a great quest-ion. People LOVE to be passionate. My take on this is to select a different word. Replace passion with enthusiasm. Be enthusiastic about you do. See both sides and embrace them equally and LOVE it. As Dr Demartini puts it so eloquently, “Love is nothing more than the synthesis and synchronicity of complimentary opposites.”

Are you in a relat-ion-ship? You would probably agree that there are times that you truly love your partner and times when you are ready to kill them. This is love, embracing both sides equally. So be enthusiastic rather than passionate – set yourself up for success.

The word inspire means to instil great hope, joy or enthusiasm into others. BUT it also has a much simpler meaning: to inspire is to breathe in, the opposite of expire. When you inspire or feel inspired, it is because you are in flow with what is within you, what comes from deep within you. You will never need to be motivated to do what inspires you.

Live your soul. #GoNatural


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