Let Better not be an enemy of Good

As a child, you heard your teacher at school say, Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better, and your better is best. The formal education has instilled it so hard into us that we find it difficult to draw a line now.

It is OK to sometimes go with 98% rather than waiting to be 100%, it definitely optimizes alot of resources and most importantly time. Waiting to let all signals turn green before moving the car out of the garage will lead to permanently it being parked there. There is an element of risk that needs to be assessed for the next action.

Sometimes waiting too long to be perfect lets go off the most opportune moment. Time has arrived when we must unlearn certain things, undo and do things we have never done and change our outlook on life.

  • It is perfectly OK to fail. Only then you value victory.
  • It is ok to be at 99% and still be happy rather than be 100% and not happy.
  • It is OK to bunk classes once in a while, time does not have a rewind button.
  • It is OK to fall down, it gives you strength to stand firmly.
  • It is OK to break down, it increases your ability to build stronger.
  • It is OK to be sick at times, it increases your immune system.
  • It is OK to behave childish at times, it connects you closely with life.
  • It is OK to fight sometimes,it enhances your love for your spouse.
  • It is OK to get hurt, you learn to appreciate love.
  • It is OK to unlearn sometimes, it clears your memory to learn new things.
  • It is OK to stand second at times, it makes your preparation stronger for the next time.

Since you have lived the journey of being good, you know exactly how it feels and appreciate good when you are better.

You learn humanity and respect for others. So never the better become the enemy of good.

Live your soul. #GoNatural.


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