Friends for Life – Choose them Wisely

Friends are the best part of life and even better is when we get to choose them. You may be acquainted to alot of people however they may not necessarily be your friend.

A friend is someone you speak your heart out without caring of the impression you make!

You may not have spoken to your friend for long however that does not deter the relationship between the two of you- that’s called True Friendship. Because whenever you speak,it feels like just yesterday. Nothing changes.

Do you know you end up gifting so many friends to your body, knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. They may not be tangible ones. Emotions, love, habits, daily routines, food,addiction,stress,hatred,greed,depression and last but not the least diseases end up becoming part and parcel of our lives. Just like a friend!

Be wise in choosing them. It’s up-to you what you select, cherish, nurture and enhance upon.

Whenever and wherever you put your efforts into, results are bound to happen so invest your efforts consciously.

Since your daily routine dictates your future,every action and moment counts to make you or break you.

Gel up with the right mindset,thoughts,habits and people!!!Otherwise you will end up with wrong friends. Diabetes,blood pressure and heart attack seem to be most friendly with the present generation. Trust me it’s extremely simple to unfriend them…. Just exercise and be active, follow the right daily routine of food and sleep,most Importantly BE HAPPY!

  1. Eat nutritious food
  2. Drink adequate amount of water
  3. Sleep well
  4. Practice mediation and exercise
  5. Maintain healthy relationship
  6. Stay with positive people around
  7. Straight and practical mindset
  8. Make your own decisions.
  9. Give time to your loved ones
  10. Spend time with yourself,review your day,your daily activities and actions.

All that you do end up becoming part of your life and hence your friend because usually a friend is someone you be yourself with. Make good friends…. Live a good and lively life!!! Live your soul. #GoNatural.


Published by Kamaljeet

Motivator, Mentor,blogger and consultant

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