How much do you control yourself?

Control is a very powerful word and throws a sense of authority!! Therefore, whom do you rest your life’s authority? Let us understand does it really influence you in any way. Answer to this question might differ from person to person, in my opinion it is definitely a “YES”. It is important for you have the right set of principles that govern your life. They decide how well you perform in your life’s scoreboard.

You are the result of your thoughts- your daily actions builds around what you think which in turn becomes your routine, again it is the deciding factor of success in your life. Don’t let the control flow out. Being calm and composed helps to restore a lot in life. When someone throws a stone in a pond, only ripples are created that eventually subside. The pond does not lose its natural inclination of calmness. Likewise you must ever ignore/lose your natural inclination come what may.
Say NO when your heart says NO…. don’t say yes to please others. It only suppresses your emotional quotient. Speak your heart out, be yourself, take your stance being completely in control of what you think and want to do/say.
What others think and say should not concern you. All that matters is just your own self’s thoughts. After all you can be held responsible of what you say, not what others understand?

Let loose your soul and spirit..dont worry what impression you may when you really want to be the child in you, it’s extremely important to live yourself to be able to feel your breath!

Think right, obey elders, consult others and do what your heart and mind dictates you to. If you are proved wrong, it only means you are living your life else by taking risks. It’s better to risk than to regret. You have those invisible wings and only your own capacity can help you fly high. Unwrap your soul and fly high in the clear skies. Go touch the moon and stars to feel the nature.

Live your soul.#GoNatural


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