My Daughter is an Angel

Every daughter is an angel sent to her parents to bless them now and forever. Lucky and fortunate are such parents!! And I am one of those fortunate ones with both hands full.

A daughter is a daughter for life.

A woman changes many roles in her life, however her first role by birth is a daughter. All the strength in her blessings during her first role as a daughter naturally is showered on her parents. Hence, in Indian context we say Laxmi has arrived! She arrives and then wishes to stay forever.

Her actions are always aligned to betterment of her loved ones.

  1. As a daughter she cares to help ease her mother with household stuff.
  2. Does not hesitate to rush to help her father finish off work outside home.
  3. Like a protective shield covers her younger brother at the time of need.
  4. Brings smile on everyone’s face.

Finally a day arrives when she is married into a new family that is everything for her.

This is the biggest turning point in a daughter’s life. All her priorities change and she has to accept and love all without expecting anything in return.

Her role becomes even more responsible now. She becomes the pride of two families and does everything to harmonise the new relationship. She makes her parents and in laws feel proud as she efficiently carries her duties.

This makes her even stronger and tougher and bold and mighter and a winner. Now her power has doubled, nothing stops her to become the best. The education and values instilled by her parents enable her to endure all that comes her way.

A daughter can reach out to the stars in the sky as easily as she can scoop below the earth to hold together the foundation of relations. She understands when to put her foot forth and backwards. She knows exactly when to react or be calm.

All that a daughter needs is Love and Respect. They have the ability to touch the sky and run the show.

Treat every daughter as a daughter and see the change.

So many daughters have made us proud by becoming a fighter pilot, disciplining law and order as civil servant, judges, doctors, surgeons, lawyers,sports and the list is endless. Daughters have competed and held abreast with the sons of the land bringing laurels at both national and international levels. At the end of it, she still stays a daughter!!!

This angel need love to achieve success. She can create her own identity because she is the future of the nation. A motherland cannot flourish if the daughters are left behind. Let’s make our daughters strong by educating them to become independent in each aspect of life. Inculcate the right values and beliefs thus ensuring she can build a strong foundation.Presently only a small % of daughters are shinning bright, imagine if we empower all our daughters, prosperity of the world will see no bounds.

Empower each daughter from the poorest of family to the most effluent families,lets make them realise the immense strength lying within them. A star will be shinning high,brighter and bigger!! Let’s truly live our soul. #GoNatural


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