Is Wishing Enough?

Wishing is a privilege,all of us obediently oblige it with an endless list. Possibility of turning to reality is a challenge!

‘Easier said than done’ is usually the trend. People want alot of things to be the way they like it and talk about it royally labelling it as ‘I wish…’ but the doing part is missing. It is good to point out what is needed,however it is only worth once it’s done.

Do we really sit back wishing everything the ideal way and do nothing about it??

Time is rapidly changing and so is the environment hence it calls for more action to make things happen.

“Be the change you want to see”. Each one of us has to realise this. Merely thinking and talking without actioning it,is a part of 97% category of people who are employed by 3% people that take action without giving up.

It is time we have a move and accomplish our wishes:

  1. Constantly try until success is achieved.
  2. Be responsible of your words and actions.
  3. Be mindful to others.
  4. Be strong and firm even if it means standing alone.
  5. Every action matters, small or big- Just Do It.
  6. Never underestimate Yourself.
  7. Falling down is the part of the game, standing up again is the strategy to win.
  8. Competition lacks in the doers community. Not many people do things to accomplish their wishes.
  9. Success should be the only motivation. Nothing else should appeal.
  10. You are the leader if you believe so.

Who does not wish to get the best in life? It is proved time and again only those who don’t leave a single stone unturned are the ones finally successful.

Let’s shrug off the load,wake up and be the game changer. Become action oriented passionate achievers. Cleanse the negativity out of oneself to do what one wishes all the time.

Believe me none has the power to stop you.

Live your soul. #GoNatural.


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