Silence is not empty, it’s filled with answers

Silence is the Most Powerful Tool and Extremely Effective Method to convey ones feelings. It is very rightly said, Silence is more Powerful than Words.

Silence can convey messages which even words cannot express. Sometimes the best conversations happen in silence.

Best memories are created out of such conversations.

Most emotions are rightly heard when expressed in silence.

Some relations bond so well because of its ability to understand the silence and hear the unsaid. They are so many times when this mode of communication is deliberately chosen to open up.

  1. Silence helps to convey messages which are usually not comfortable to be worded.
  2. It builds an agenda and in itself presides over.
  3. There is absolutely no need for any introduction for such communication.
  4. Silence also has a consequence just like words.
  5. It is a source of great strength and power.
  6. The more you are quieter,the more you can hear.
  7. When you need peace,silence is the mode to be switched on.

“Speak only when it improves upon the silence” said by MK Gandhi.

Make Silence your most powerful weapon and use it wisely, now and forever.

All successful people in this world,be in any field,always had a Smile with Silence ornamenting their lips and fueling their efforts.

Live your soul. #GoNatural


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