“Women are empowered by birth”

Women are God’s Most Powerful creation and the almighty has empowered them enough! Unbelievably each woman is a form of deity on earth and has a special role to play- She-HERO of every family because without HER even HERO is O.

From a homemaker to a country maker, women have proved themselves in every situation and in every field. They have made their families proud of themselves so many occasions. There is no special skill that any woman would need to get there.  SHE IS ALREADY EMPOWERED AND SKILLED. The power to bring life to existence is her unparalleled exclusive right!! No one has been able to take that away from her, no matter how strong they are.

A famous actor said, “You don’t have to empower women, they are already empowered, just don’t disturb them, let them be themselves” and trust me I feel that the best definition of Women Empowerment I have come across.

SHE can fight all the battles and still smile!! That’s strength!

SHE has the deepest level to absorb pain!! That’s courage!

SHE has the ability to change things around her!! That’s dynamism!

She is strong and forceful if circumstances ask her (when she delivers a baby) yet gentle and forgiving (when she takes care of that baby).

The world exists because SHE exists. Utmost respect to her!! Women making bold headlines on the professional front with only ‘so many’ of them working,turning the world a successful place. The amount of tremendous success made will be simply unimaginable if all of the women were to go out there and be their best. Highest economies of scales can be achieved if women participate equally in all walks of life.

Let women be herself, don’t expect her to change and compromise always. She is the best when she is herself!! The best protection any woman can have – is courage! Miracles happen only then.

Everyday should be a celebration of her being herself. The biggest gift to mankind would be when every woman is respected and given space to spread her wings.The most beautiful colors come out naturally and shines!

Love and care for womanhood now, today, tomorrow and always! That’s truly celebrating Women’s Day.No struggle can ever succeed without womenparticipating side by side with men.

Live your soul. #GoNatural


Published by Kamaljeet

Motivator, Mentor,blogger and consultant

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