I choose to be Happy

“Happiness comes to those who appreciate everything they have….” State of mind decides if they are happy or not. Yes it’s true. Brain is the head of department in our system called body… When the mind is upset,no matter how able you are by worldly possessions,that glow of happiness will still be missing.

Who says money decides happiness?Maybe true sometimes but not necessarily at all times. “Only you can control your happy life if you control your mind…. Nothing on earth can make you unhappy”.

Smile helps to relax alot of facial muscles hence it is extremely important to smile, while frowning can pull down your facial muscles making you look sad.

A person of strong will power cannot get disturbed mentally. In fact such people remit positive vibes to people around them,making them contented and happy.

We generally talk of times when in school we used to be tension free all the time. It is very simple, those were innocent days. A smile meant smile and not a sarcastic smile. Talking meant sharing thoughts and exchanging ideas and ‘not taunting’…. unlike where we stand today.

That’s why it is true, “It is simple to be happy, but very difficult to be SIMPLE”. We look for happiness around us but not inside us...thats where the damage is done. Acquiring everything for oneself and being selfish is not happiness.. Just try for self satisfaction,do what makes you happy….the difference will be evident and make you stand out.

The day when you can bring smile to someone’s face and you are the reason he/she happy, ‘hear it deep- God is blessing you from above you. Because hurting someone is so easy,challenge is making someone happy. Never settle for less, fight against the odd!

Seeing this the look on your face will be a moment to be captured by your lenses and framed for life.

Go for it… Be happy, spread happiness, change yourself and the world around you…. The power is in you… Make the most of it.

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Let’s Talk

Seems so simple…we all talk everyday, day in and day out, all the time,on the phone, face to face, on messaging apps and all possible digital communication platforms. But my question is,”Do we really Talk “. Answer could vary for each one of us. Come forward and shout it out, be yourself and TALK it out.

Though there are so many modes of communication nowadays,thanks to technology but it has failed to kill the communication gap. Again technology cannot be blamed, it is slave to human who developed it. Unfortunately human has now become slave to its self developed thing.

I remember those days while in school when I used to get chided for big flat telephone bills amount. Obviously I used to spend hours talking with my friends. The pleasure of talking was so high and simply unmatched against the scolding, telephone bills continued to be that heavy months after months.If I have to generalize this, it’s going to be true so for many of us, isn’t it?

Imagine I am just talking of a decade ago!! Things have changed…. so much now. Incoming calls were charged on mobile network, land-line was expensive, internet seemed like a luxury to own, Skype, what’s app etc calling Just did not exist…. However today we have unlimited calling, texting, data plans…… Still we don’t TALK. Most of the times, even the most important relations talk on the messaging app… Parents-kids, married couples, siblings, childhood friends etc only message each other for almost everything. Of course official leave application and resignations have also exploited the digital communication optimally.

Is there a harm? What’s the problem with such communication? The purpose is accomplished, the message is sent, task is done…saved the time of the sender and leverages the receiver to accept, read or even deny as per his/her convenience. Even anger messages can be expressed through emoji resembling ones present state of mind.

The one sad part is that it lacks the humanly warmth and emotion of the message that needed to be put across. No doubt technology blessed us with voice notes however an ongoing conversation has its own charm… Let’s try it… Let’s talk…

Talk to your loved ones… Tell them you value them, they make a difference in your life, you miss them, their voice relaxes your soul… You never know what you get to hear in return… Sometimes the best conversations are made just by listening to the voice of your loved ones…. Sense the Magic…. Feel the difference…

Before it gets too late, strike the best conversations because there is no technology that allows or travels to the other side of life.

Life is short, celebrate it, share it and live every moment.

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Success Redefined


What is Success for “U”

I am sure each one of us feel differently about it. To some it means a word that portrays a nice, comfortable, rich and financially contented state. Some feel being successful is to be happy,contented and satisfied.

Hard work is the catalyst that fuels achievement. Each day’s accomplishment of a milestone ensures success in ones long term goal.

Being successful is vital, it gives meaning to life. However it is an ongoing process, once achieved should be sustained! Perseverance,dedication and strong will power are the contributors towards success.

A good job with a self owned house, luxurious car and heavy bank balance are some of the general indications to certify anyone success. A smile on your family member’s face gives you the feeling of being successful,is it? And does it mean a person without these is unsuccessful??

At times it is measured by the status of the person and not by the state of person, what do you feel?? 

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Book “Your Appointment for Yourself”

The seconds’ hand on the clock passes with each one of us running…. Running in a funny race which has no end. Surprising none of us don’t even realize it. As a child, we aspire to become big and successful. With success, it only means lots of money and materialistic comforts….  Of course, it money matters… But what next??

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-19 at 5.59.34 PM

We run all our life to earn so much money that we forget to enjoy the small things that give meaning to our life. Today’s generation plans everything, from what subject to study,which college to attend, when to own a house and car, career designation achievement, marriage plans to arrivals of kids and kids’ future plan. “A very sad fact is one forgets to live his own life in the whole plan….” Let me throw a question today – What is the next milestone once a big fat house with an imported car, heavy bank balance and all luxurious things as per the plan is accomplished what next ????  Well I am sure there are no thoughts around it.Let me be honest, I am also a part of this mad race, living a robotic life with routine to complete. There is no purpose of my life other than the responsibilities laid by the society take care of the family, kids, cook food, earn a good living and sacrifice…sacrifice…sacrifice!! Still not sure if it makes me happy!

Everything fades when One day YUMRAJ quietly knocks to show the red flag written STOP…. Until this stage arrives no one stops to run the race…the mad race. Then one feels helpless with nothing to take away with them nor anything to hold oneself’s name in this world.

Life is short, make it sweet! Live life KING SIZE! Live every moment and make it worth! Don’t waste a Prestigious Boon called LIFE bestowed by god to You, You might not ever get a chance to rock again. Make the most of it. Do what makes You happy, Block your calendar for Yourself… Meet Yourself, talk to Yourself, make Yourself happy! Because You are important….!


While we say that everything is temporary, there is a ray of hope in us which keeps us guided always. Hope is the only thing that travels round the world. No matter how things are placed in one’s life, one should /must be hopeful always. A strong supernatural power which is commonly known as GOD has empowered each individual with a never-ending hope!!

There is no discrimination on basis of caste, creed, age, sex, religion or status. Each of us have 24 hours of hope to make things happen for ourselves! Hoping to be successful in life, en-fueled with hard work and determination make success stories. However just hoping without working towards it takes you nowhere.

One has to have his own plans to achieve success in life!

As a child, one hopes to become a responsible adult with life full of GOOD LIFE. This is again empowered by a strong sense of hope in us.  One that knocks life back after numerous failures are among the most optimistic people!! They are the ones who have defined and strengthened this magical word HOPE.

The word itself is so positive that whenever someone is distressingly relating his/her pitiable story, ends on a note saying, “Lets hope things change”.

So lets realize – Big or small, rich or poor, Happy or sad, everyone is HOPEFUL in life.

Magic spreads when it is said,”Fingers crossed, hope it happens….”.

Change is the only constant

While we say, “Change is the only constant” there are some things that do not change.It is strongly recommended to change with time, however certain things will always remain unchanged. Very often we have heard our older generation say one should wake up early and go to sleep on time, eat freshly cooked food, respect natural world around us and so on. One must realise the importance of sun rays entering the room early morning, it kills the germs and negative energies. Freshly cooked food enriches the body,mind and soul and remits the positive vibes in us.

The world is moving at a fast pace, with each one of us rushing into a mad race. No one has time to do what our oldies have been saying. We get up late, eat stored/canned food, sleep late and spend most of our time in closed air conditioned rooms, with no access to natural light. Do you really need to think about it?? Well, the answer is yes!!

If we don’t focus now, soon we will be in a hostile and suffocating world. The newly crafted and fancy fitness goals of burning calories at gym was never a part of the past routine. It all started by diverting from the right routine. It definitely impacts our thoughts and mental health! Lets get the right food and sleep for thought!

Stay focused….!! Eat right, sleep tight and stay fit and long! Change for a better change and become the change.